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I was thrilled to be one of the first few to try out Bella Skin Care's latest skincare program that uses your DNA to manage your skin from the outside-in and the inside-out - iDDNA®. iDDNA® is a scientific path to natural, long-lasting results.


IDDNA® is a revolutionary treatment that takes the guesswork out of choosing anti-aging skincare. Firstly, an iDDNA swab test is taken to collect our DNA samples then sealed and sent to the US laboratory for analysis. A pretty fast and effective way to discover our skin genes through our DNA.

After which,  a survey is conducted which involves a detail run through of our daily lifestyle. Eating habits, sleep habits, exercise habits that form lifestyle patterns. It made sense that these are taken into careful consideration besides our genes. External and environmental factors makes a difference to our skin types. 

Based on the test results of the swab test along with the survey, a skincare routine is customized and tailor-made specially for my skin.  iDDNA- Bella Skin Care’s approach is through a multi-faceted skin treatment, which combines the iDDNA® Ultra custom and Bella Skin Care’s in-centre treatments. It’s a holistic approach that even includes advice on the types of minerals and micronutrients that will affect and change my skin’s health over a period of time. The Ultra Custom is easy to use and nourishes my skin in an instant. 

Besides the Ultra Custom skincare routine, the iDDNA comes with an AI mobile concierge service to manage my skin care lifestyle needs in real time and location-based recommendations to stay on track to achieve better skin health. As a mum, the app enables me to adjust and improve my lifestyle habits to better my skin condition.  For example, it monitors the UVA-UVB level and suggests the appropriate SPF level of sunscreen to use, plus the temperature, humidity and pollution levels of wherever I may be.

At the same time, I only have to use a night cream and a day cream, whereas with other regimes I have to complete as many as stipulated steps. It’s so advanced and absolutely impressive!

As mentioned, in-centre treatment with Bella Skin Care works hand in hand with the Ultra Custom. At Bella Skin Care, their staff are deeply knowledgeable, the environment is relaxed and friendly. Bella Skin Care’s service has been excellent right from the start. I thought watching my DNA being collected was fascinating, and the results have been interesting.

I’d say my skin now feels suppler and deeply hydrated. There is a glow to my skin and it feels more taut than it did before I started with Bella Skin Care’s treatment and the IDDNA® system. Results have been very promising especially since I have only been on the system for more than 2 weeks. The improvements I’ve noticed were enough to convince me that genetically tailored skincare could be more effective than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. My enczema was entirely non-existent after less than 10 days of application! I also believe as new mums or mums to be with constant hormonal changes, we can't take chances with our skin. Which is why Bella Skin Care is the best option in my opinion. Reliable, convincing and result-driven.