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Why you be trying Kiehl's #natured-powered face masque?

Nothing beats a fantastic face mask.

You know that protection for our vulnerable skin we are all after? 
Well, it seems that if we want one that lasts, Kiehl's Cilantro and Orange Extract
Pollutant Defending Masque
may just be our saviour/

What you’re really looking for is a masque that not only hydrates but defends as well. Defending against pollutants of all sorts. 
Kiehl's formula works to block and defend against skin-damaging micro air pollutants that penetrate the skin’s surface.

This is a mask for that. A triple action solution blocks damage, repairs and strengthens skin, helping to resist pollution. I leave it on overnight and let my masque do all the work.

Why I love it:
This mask makes your skin seriously radiant. 
I applied a thin layer overnight and I promise you my skin went all supple and glowy after I washed it off the next day.

The best part about using a thin layer is that a little goes a long way, a thin layer is all I need to get complete hydration and full protection.

Smoother the mask all over your face, you'll feel relaxed and happy.
That is the feeling of contented skin.
Which only means this little jar will be lasting me months instead of weeks.

You won't be regretting this. X