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Bella Koh



Bella Koh leads a multifaceted life, from being a solo parent, creating content on her social media platforms, to assuming the role of founder for S L O W H O U S E. Above all, she values her daily role as a mother the most. Being a mother to Alessandra has allowed Bella to experience extraordinary moments and the pure joy of #motherhood, and Bella is still discovering so much of life through her tiny person. Indeed, Alessandra had given her life as much as Bella given hers.

Embracing the philosophy of #slowliving, Bella started documenting her everyday journey at @catslavery on Instagram, and founded S L O W H O U S E as a destination for #consciousliving dedicated to nature as well as the beauty of the uneveryday of everyday. Blessed with a keen eye and ability to make food, fashion or just about anything look desirable, she has amassed a huge and ever-growing online presence on both her Instagram accounts – @catslavery & @theslowhouse.

Bella actively endorses the use of #organic and #sustainable produce to create healthy and delicious fare in her very own kitchen - lovingly known as #TheCatKitchen. Her aesthetically pleasing and deliciously tempting food posts tap into an appeal that is universal, making her immensely popular with her followers from all over the world. More importantly, it is an exquisite showcase of Bella's passion for cooking for her loved ones, and how she shows her love for her family by nurturing them using the best from nature.

Bella’s diverse clientele understands the value of aesthetics in today’s highly visual climate, and her work has been sought after by various strong brands including working with international clients from Bangkok and Taiwan. Some of her collaborations include Dyson, Nepresso, Pure Yoga, OnPedder, Sulwhasoo, Finest, and PayPal.

Constantly curious and excited about everything, Bella tries her best to do what she loves, and to always be better at it. Whether it be cooking or yoga, motherhood or styling, she truly enjoys digging deeper into each ritual, and having it form an ever-stronger pillar in her life. And that is what defines her.