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Our Philosophy


Several years ago, I was bogged down by extreme work stress and regular gastric problems. After I quit my day job, I decided to care more for myself. Turning #vegan and taking up #yoga were the best things I've ever done. I began this healing journey to promote a movement of slowing down life's pace, taking the time to be aware of one's surroundings, and seeking the right #balance as a #conscious consumer.

For me, leading a #slowlife is all about our #health and taking cues from the #nature. That means listening to the wind, watching the sun set, making something with our bare hands, taking in the smell of freshly cut grass and tasting food in its most original state. It is really about being more #mindful of all our five senses. You learn to pull back, see the big picture, and take the time to enjoy the #normality of everyday life. 

So focus on the good life, one that is rich with a #simple appreciation of everyday #joy. Focus on achieving a life of #mindfulness, holistically and sustainability, one where your own physical and mental #wellbeing comes before anything else.

We urge you to take your time here at the S L O W H O U S E.

| Bella Koh