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Alessandra Koh



Alessandra is a mighty two-year-old [as of Sep 2017] and a true Virgo through and through. She loves statement hairdos, tends to overeat, and is a little terror at the playgrounds [some claim to be self-defense] while capturing the hearts of many people when she’s at it. With impressive #finemotor skills, extraordinary Alessandra took a liking to jumping instead of walking like how ordinary people does it. Besides being obsessed with books, balloons and bread, you can often hear her saying “NO.” Still, like everyone else, Alessandra has her own insecurities and thus keeps a firm grip on her binky and security blanket. Plus she counts Elmo as her role model.

At the tender age of 6 weeks, Alessandra slept through the night due to her first time parents’ supreme sleep tricks. She was breastfed for 3 months until her mum suffered from tremendous stress and couldn’t handle the backache while trying to recover from a c-sect wound. With a #dairyallergy, she was not fed formula milk and instead got to savour #homemade milk made lovingly by her parents in #nontoxic glass bottles and rubber teats.

Alessandra started her culinary journey in #thecatkitchen at 14 months old. With her love for food, she gained independence and started #selffeeding at 10 months, holding a pair of chopsticks and cutlery even before she could speak a full sentence. As an enthusiastic sous chef to her mum, Alessandra raided her mum’s favorite pots and pans and took on the responsibility of stirring and adding ingredients into the pot.

Like her mum, Alessandra thrives on Goji Berries and Breadsticks. But that’s not all, her ultimate favourites include:

Avocados . Green Juices . Brown rice . Free Range Eggs . Organic Bamboo Shoots . Poached Garlic . Sustainable Barramundi and Scallops cooked to perfection . Mum’s Dashi Broth Pasta with a generous amount of Garlic . Edamame . Eggs of all sorts . Chawamushi . Tamagodashi . Hard Boiled Eggs . Scrambled . Super Fruits like Gooseberries . Blackberries . Raspberries . Jackfruit . Grapes and sometimes Durian depending on the season . and the latest addition - Ice cream!

To round off Alessandra’s spectacular profile, some of her notable achievements include attending her first #babyyoga class at 3 months old, dancing to Fergie before she turned one, vacuuming the floor with her handheld Dyson and blowing out her own birthday candles, chanting “happy birthday to me” at age 2. More importantly, Alessandra is the ultimate joy and pride of Bella and together, they hope to experience the #slowlife as much as possible while growing up.