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Unanswered questions about ageing that come to mind from time to time.

How do we age backwards? What is ageless beauty?

Why must we invest in our skin? Where is the fountain of youth?

I am probably one of those lucky few who are blessed with good skin due to genes.

My grandma had amazing flawless skin and I have never witnessed a single acne on my dad.

I took good skin and youth for granted till acne hit me when I was 29.

If only I had invested wisely for my skin before the tragedy arose.
I ended up spending thousands on all sorts of quick remedies in order to cure my pimpled face.

Of course, it didn't end there. Wrinkles and tiredness took over.

Regrettably, I could never turn back time and retain my 16 year old flawless, wrinkle free and plump skin.

Thankfully, I could stall time with Bella Marie France (BMF) Youth Bank Range, prolonging my skin’s best current state.

Bella Marie France (BMF) introduces Youth Bank - The place to undo the signs of ageing or arrest them even before they begin. The promise of youthful skin at any age.

BMF’s Youth Bank features a comprehensive range of anti-ageing skin care products designed to turn back the hands of time, 

fulfilling a woman’s anti-ageing needs at different stages of her life — 

Time Reverse (above 45 years old), 
Time Lock (36-45 years old) and 
Time Invest (25-35 years old)
—these products are what a woman needs to maintain her youthful vitality.

To maximise results, Youth Bank complements the expert touch of facial treatments by Bella Marie France Specialists
with a daily home regimen to protect and preserve your skin’s youth capital. 

Choose from the three skincare ranges – Time Reverse, to undo the signs of ageing;
Time Lock, to prolong your skin’s best years; and Time Invest, to delay the ageing process before it begins.

This range of products sets brightness and repair to the skin at its cellular level and help minimise pigmentation while
ensuring that your skin looks plump and supple in the most youthful way possible.

What I love most is I get to preserve my skin in the comfort of home!
Skin renewal at its best.


Secure your Youth Bank investment today. Bella Youth Bank is available at all Bella Marie France (BMF) Centres. Call 1800-7777-111 for enquiries.