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Before you cook up a storm, we need trusty notebooks jotting down splendid recipes and ingredients.
Sure we love the convenience of notepads in our iPhones but it can never be compared to writing them down, sketching out the foods and instil imagination into a new recipe. 
I've chosen the HEXIQUE Alpha+ off-white and green notebooks to record healthy recipes I come across.
The colors really speak for themselves!
Green for plant-based diets and off white for guilt-free desserts!
Clearly defined and organized by colors, makes it a breeze when I'm going through countless recipes. 
The off-white notebook bodes well with the aesthetics of a white kitchen.
Just purity really.
The purity of white is one of life's simplest joy.
It calms us down yet intrigues us to explore further.
Pared down essentials that matches with any outfits!
I can definitely live with a stack of these in my kitchen and admire them all day! 
Truly the objects of happiness in our daily life. 

Find them here http://the-hexique.com