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I’m one person who can never live without her notebooks. I used to have one for every season when I was a bag designer. I still do. Was thrilled to find Hexique’s website with design-minded and style-oriented notebooks of leather cases in a tasteful array of colours. A lady has got to look polished no matter what!
Now that my life and role has changed quite tremendously, I keep four trusty ones by my side. 
One for recipes, food knowledge and ingredients for health, another for my work thoughts and brainstorming for Flea & Trees SLOWHOUSE. The third one belongs to my busy work schedule for brand engagements, instagramming and social media. You’d be surprised that I do plan my posts in advance. The last one, I call it my Book of Dreams. It basically contains my visions and hopes for my life. Currently, it is a notebook where I’m making plans for my retirement (YES RETIREMENT!), my next house, my next unrealistically big kitchen, interior loves, architecture inspirations and life goals. This might actually be the most fulfilling one of all the notebooks! All in the name of living a #SLOWLIFE!
I pondered frequently to myself if I’m the only person at such an age to still keep a notebook like this. I’ve had one since I was a child. You know our life ambitions, reflections, making sure we learn from the previous and moving on to our future.
And as dreams evolved, we become more grounded as humans and beginning to love living a life we all want to live in this world.
Hexique’s notebooks leave more for my imagination as their pages are designed not just as a boring plain piece of paper but with almost invisible tiny dots serving as a grid for us. For designers, you know what I’m referring to. They are hardly annoying compared to those stiff bold lines you’d find in many other notebooks. Those kinds just tear me apart. There is no freedom in writing nor sketching anything of sorts! Utterly restrictive.
Sublime and simple, I have opted for the Alpha+ in a classy blue hue fitting for my book of dreams! Blue is usually associated with depth and stability, symbolising wisdom and confidence. It’s also considered beneficial to our minds and body as the colour blue slows down human metabolism and creates a calming effect. 
I’m pretty stoked by how it’s looking with my daily outfits and sitting perfectly with my favourite items at home or at work!

Which is your fav? X

Find them here http://the-hexique.com