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Vintage Cartier Tank Watch and Vintage Chanel Earrings.

Vintage Chanel Necklace.

Vintage Hermès Kelly Cadena Charm Bangle.

Chanel Lambskin Boy Flap Bag.

Vintage Chanel Brooch.

I used to love accumulating stuffs, hoarding stuffs and at my worst, categorising stuffs into precious collections.
My collections ranged from magazines, receipts, paper bags and packaging from all over the world to oddly
put together 1990s Tokyo Disneyland's sweet wrappers.
My next extensive collection after magazines was my obsession with handbags and small leather goods.
It was almost compulsory for me to buy the IT bags from every season, study them and literally dissect them. 
After all, I was a handbag designer. 
That was my joy, my discovery, my profession and mostly my passion.
However, the Internet era taught me differently.
I soon learnt that I could still keep a part of these with me in the form of a visual memory. 
Snap photos and have them uploaded onto Facebook. 
We could always have a record somewhere on the Internet. 
Gradually realising that not being able to let go is a bad habit of attachment in life. 
Worse still, not being able to detach ourselves from objects or materials. 
I wanted to live minimal. 
Living with less. 
I concluded that by having lesser, I will have more happiness. 
I didn’t have to worry about things. 
I learnt to let go. 

Now, the question is:
How and where do we let go of those previously loved luxury items for instance my collection
of handbags and accessories,
 hopefully finding them good homes? 

The great news is - discovering REEBONZ
REEBONZ has a simple SELL AND CONSIGN idea that allows us to do just that. 
With REEBONZ, there's naturally a sense of security and ease. 
There's even a RESALE PRICE GUIDE to make it easier for us to find out the estimate value of our beloved bags.
This clever and convenient solution changed my life completely.
Not only was I able to clear out more space in my wardrobe, it could also fund my new obsessions.
By new obsessions, I am referring to not only objects but perhaps funding new experiences in our life. 

We could collect less things and invest more in the quality of our experiences. 
Things that matter. 
Travel experiences, or purely consuming experiences. 
Even so, it is definitely alright to perhaps acquire another piece of something valuable again. 
But this time, an investment piece. 
Surely giving up ten bags for that one precious investment piece is worth it. 
And why not? As long as it brings a different meaning to our life. 
This is why I fully support this wonderful concept from REEBONZ. 
It comes with the meaning of sustainability and allows either its sellers or buyers to practice just that. 
It is thoughtful with a conscience for our environment. 
Because of REEBONZ, more PRELOVED AND VINTAGE pieces are injected into the marketplace. 
Nicely put, these items waiting gracefully in our closets for a few years are ready to start a new lease of life!
We are naturally attracted to things that show a sense of their history even though slightly flawed. 
We love items that appear lived in and reflect its wearer, not its maker. 
In the end, it becomes a fruitful journey for both the seller and buyer. 

TAKE YOUR FIRST STEP to living a fuller and more meaningful life by living with lesser. 
Do something. 
Donate some clothes, give away some shoes, sell the extra bags with REEBONZ.