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Victoria, BC V8W 1V7

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

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For the health-conscious who loves wholesome, #handcrafted and well-prepared meals! A myriad of tastes that will blow your mind! I recommend the Yuzu Tai Roll, mixed with a filing of crab, tempura flakes topped with a Yuzu truffle dressing. The Prawn Flautas, lovingly made with a chipotle mayo, avocado cream and garnished with a generous salsa fresca accompanied by a fried egg. Anything with fried eggs we love! If that's your kind of food, you have to try the Huevos Rancheros! And quinoa fans, you haven't tasted the best quinoa yet! Their version is mixed with the sauce from the sautéed shimeji mushrooms! You'll definitely be heading back for the Pan Seared Donburi Salmon Quinoa! 

I couldn't decide which was more heavenly. Those pretty Rose Cherry Tomatoes pickled in a plum and honey sauce or the painstakingly made ultra fine and thin wheat wraps. The wraps come with a #homemade blueberry sauce that will make vegans very happy beings. Talk about anti-oxidants!#Handmade is one of those special things. Like slurping handmade noodles, fresh and chewy, then biting into a soft spring egg, the warm yolk oozing out gradually in your mouth. It's that perfect combination that is totally worth those calories. The Biang Biang Noodle is PHENOMENON. And if you are a pescatarian, you'll be pleased to note that their famous Wanton with Black Vinegar and Chilli Oil contains only shrimps! I'm also a fan of their Red Bean Pancake which has become very rare in Singapore due to the tedious amount of work that goes into making it. The skin's crispy but not greasy while the red bean filling is fragrant and mildy sweet! 

If you have a fear of bad overpriced Paellas, i beg you to try their varieties here! Decent portions with the freshest ingredients! The Cold Soup Chupitos, were excellent too! The dish consists of a trio of cold soup served in shooter glasses. Mainly the gazpachos. The first, a blend of tomatoes, capsicums and cucumbers, the white shooter was the Ajo Blanco, s smooth blend of garlic and almond and lastly, the melon gazpacho, probably everyone's favourite. So #vegans out there, you heard me!

We find joy in absolute speed, in the novelty of the unknown, in the notion of discoveries.
When Orchard Central invited me to visit their mall last Thursday, I was delighted. 
Orchard Central is one of those malls filled with unpredictability, in a good way of course. 
While precarious, it is never boring.
I love the little disruptions amongst the shops and 
the amusement it provides. And why not? 
Ever felt like something there in the mall just doesn’t belong? 
That itself makes us wonder, yearning to experience the space of the mall. 
The idea of this
 mall is definitely not uniformity. It is EXPLORATIVE. 
This mall belongs to the wanderer, the explorer, the adventurer and the opinator. 
Orchard Central’s pick of strong anchor tenants – PACT and Dean & Deluca, says it all.

One can easily imagine a day at this mall. 
A fantastic brunch
 of angel hair ebiko at PACT after a spiritual morning practice at Hom Yoga, 
followed by some 
nail pampering at Pink Parlour
Then, grab a warm, comforting cup of chai soy latte and the week’s groceries at Dean & Deluca 
a hair appointment with Organic Hair Professional. 

Hey, our day doesn’t end there. 
dive into a trove of intricate, handmade pop-up cards by Paper Therapy and spend our evening at 
Noodle Stories for some serious, hearty Northern Chinese fare. 
If you fancy, end with a nightcap of sangria at Milagro Spanish Restaurant or some warm, soothing sake
Tanuki Raw’s Standing Sushi Bar

One thing I’m obsessed with about Orchard Central is the generous amount of daylight you get
It’s an under-appreciated yet powerful character of this mall.

We are never removed from nature while running our daily errands. 
It is a very positive
 and refreshing feeling, especially on a weekend morning.
eing able to shop and enjoy one’s food in the presence of gorgeous daylight, 
makes one more aware of time and our immediate 
And this 
naturally, heightens the pleasure of every single activity.  

Life slows down.
That also means Orchard Central is super #INSTAGRAMWORTHY
So, snap away with this marvellous sunlight, folks!

This August, The Design Supermarket by Naiise is showcasing their massive range of products, designed mostly by local creators.
I was absolutely wowed by the cardboard fixtures 
lovingly constructed by the Paper Carpenter

This mall deals in all those little things you need - fashion, food, homewares, living slow and loving yourself.

Call me odd but I’m definitely keeping a close eye on Orchard Central! X