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Fish Maw Dashi Soup I 500ml
Fish Maw Dashi Soup I 500ml
Fish Maw Dashi Soup I 500ml
Fish Maw Dashi Soup I 500ml

Fish Maw Dashi Soup I 500ml

$25.00 SGD


This nourishing fish maw soup recipe was adapted from my Peranakan Grandma who taught me the joy of cooking. Her dishes were enjoyed by the entire family over gatherings, throughout the seasons.

Since she passed on, I decided to learn to make this traditional dish, so as not to lose another great heritage recipe. After mastering it, this dish has become a staple during lunar new year festivities and S L O W H O U S E parties, one that family and friends will always request for, to be on the menu.

I tweaked it slightly, made it richer but healthier by using premium dashi broth made from

konbu, bonito flakes, round herring, and grilled ago instead of the usual meat broth.

The result is a healing and heart-warming tasty soup that will make you smile. 

Nothing brings back precious, childhood memories like Grandma's cooking, and I certainly hope this recipe brings you simple joy and love. 


  • Delivered frozen in 500ml vacuum packed bags.
  • Each pack comes with a mini packet of our special chilli sauce [10g].

Fish maw, cabbage, dashi, organic pink salt,

ginger, garlic.
No added preservatives, additives, artificial flavourings, MSG.

1 month in the freezer


  • Defrost frozen soup pack in refrigerator.
  • Pour contents completely into empty pot and bring to boil.
  • Do not add water.

Add your favourite fresh ingredients like fried tofu puffs, fishballs, cuttlefish balls, asparagus clams, prawns, tofu, green leafy veggies, or your desired veggies!

Serve with a side of brown rice or organic white rice.
Try adding rice to soup like a porridge, best enjoyed a rainy day!
Or if you fancy, vermicelli, glass noodles, ramen, somen and even quinoa!

Garnishing with fresh coriander is a must!

S L O W H O U S E chooses organic, unrefined, sustainable, ethical and planet-friendly whenever we can. 

    Explore our heart warming soup on your own or serve them at your next get-together!

    We urge you to savour them thoughtfully and mindfully. 


    Fish Maw Dashi Soup I 500ml
    $25.00 SGD

    Fish Maw Dashi Soup I 500ml

    Fish Maw Dashi Soup I 500ml
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