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It's no secret Primataste makes the most delicious laksa paste in Singapore, now they have gone a step further. Wholegrain LaMian Laksa and Curry!  A healthier choice made with 51% superfine wholegrain flour. Apparently, consuming one serving of Prima Taste Wholegrain LaMian fulfils an adult’s recommended minimum daily wholegrain requirements. Now for the good stuffs! These noodles do not have the coarse, grainy texture typically associated with wholegrain. Instead, they are as smooth and springy as hand pulled noodles. Noodles are also steamed, not fried. How amazing is that!  No MSG & preservatives are added and there are no artificial colouring and flavoring. Especially great for children I say! 


Primataste has also created a serious range of ready meals based on local delights. Took me a jiffy to get them ready! I basically placed the unopened package in a pot of boiling water for 8 to 10mins and voila! It's ready. Such convenience for me now that I have a baby and can't afford much time to cook. Likewise for my husband who works late. I simply whip out a pack and heat it up. I tried the nonya sambal chicken rice and made it a half raw version by adding fresh organic thinly sliced Japanese bittergourd, purple French beans, free range egg whites and garnished with flaxseeds. The spicy basmati rice paired with raw crunchy vegetables seem to be a perfect combination! You know how we Asians crave for local food the minute we are overseas caught in the cold weather? I won't forget to pack them in my suitcase the next time I'm away in Europe! They make pretty clever outdoorsy foods as well! Picnic, hiking, boating... It's indeed the healthier choice made with 75% white basmati rice, 20% wholegrain basmati rice and 5% multi-grains. This simply means it's a meal low in GI, rich in vitamins and minerals with added dietary fibre, soluble fibre, and prebiotics. An honest complete meal with rice, and protein which you can eat straight from the pouch!

The array of benefits when consuming wholegrain are that they aid your digestion and prevent constipation. Adding bulk to the diet to help you feel full, thus reducing the risk of overeating.  

Wholegrain also prevents the damage of blood vessels and decrease cholesterol levels, hence reducing the risks of heart diseases. In addition to that, they reduce the risk of diabetes and certain types of cancer.The presence of prebiotics also strengthens the immune system by encouraging growth of good bacteria in the gut to promote improved bowel functions. 

 Primataste product packaging features QR Codes that link directly to step-by-step cooking instructional videos that demonstrate preparation methods for ‘Standard’, ‘Enhanced’ and ‘Indulgent’ versions of the product. The ‘Enhanced’ version offers a slight variation in cooking style to bring about an intensified flavour, while the ‘Indulgent’ recommends suitable cooking methods and ingredient additions to make a truly hearty and indulgent gourmet meal.

 Go ahead and indulge in healthier and happier foods!

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