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Meet my old best friend Keminsky. He's 17 years old now. 
Hunts down snakes, begs for seaweed, laps up watermelon and grapes. 
We mourned in harmony when we were grieving for Dali's death.  
This is what cat people sound like to their friends. 
Pets are like the other family you share the things you don’t usually share with your family. 
Your biggest secrets are told to them and you are the keeper of their deepest secrets. 
They are the ones who push you forward and make you see the best in you. 
At least that’s what my cats are for me.
Cat owners seem to enjoy talking to their cats, their cats only. 

I never was really fond of talking. Perhaps laziness was the real problem. 
I believe that my speech if visually communicated through my thoughts took only seconds to convey while actual speaking can't possibly end.
I spend a huge amount of time inside my head.
Does it make me an introvert that way?
There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert, it’s not an illness.
I usually appear aloof, quiet and completely lost or detach from my surroundings. 
The chatter inside my head is the conversation I am having. 
It is a silent conversation with myself. 
The conversation talks about everything and anything that is happening around me.
The ideas, the secrets, the plans, the dreams, sometimes the occasional criticisms.
There are so many interesting thoughts going on inside my head that it takes something stronger, more intriguing to drag me out and interact with other people.
This alone time to myself is greatly satisfying.
I only talk and mingle when I have a really good conversation with a small group of people about something meaningful to us.
Things that matter.
Things with a vision.
Most days, I rather get inspiration from nature, daydreaming, reading, watching good films, thinking, thinking and thinking. 

I’m sure some of us are made introverts that way.


Art Direction and Styling by Bella Koh @catslavery.